Repertoire for 2019

I know it is not 2019 yet, but my mind is already thinking ahead. I want the #band to continue playing authentic repertoire and original works, but I think that it would be prudent to chose repertoire that really fits the band. Sometimes, I have chosen repertoire that I have tried to work the band towards and that is commendable, but not always successful. I think our group has certain numbers, styles and rhythms that it just eats up and you can continue to expand that repertoire, but to stray too far beyond the sweet spot and you are losing valuable #rehearsal time, and arguably, time enjoying the performance of the music. So, 2019, I am thinking of tailoring music more for the group and giving pieces a certain window to "#swing," before moving on to pieces that are a better fit. Sure, it is up to everyone in the ensemble to invest some time into working on the pieces and listening to the styles, but there should be some spark there initially. That will mean abandoning some charts and editing others. Looking forward to it as I work with this unique and talented #bigband.

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