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Practice slow to play fast

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

I was reminded of this great piece of advice when I was helping my son at the piano the other day. If you have a difficult piece of #music to perform, you really have to slow it to a pace at which you can play everything perfectly, e.g., the rhythms and dynamics, before you attempt to bring the passage up to #performance speed. This might be dead slow, but once you have perfected a line of music at that excruciating tempo, all that is left to do is to speed up the #tempo. A no brainer at that point. This holds true for improvising over a set of changes. Start slowly, while you hear the chord progression and "make" the changes, and slowly speed it up. If you take a short-cut and start increasing the tempo too quickly, your technique will suffer (among other things) and you will always play that passage (or those changes) incorrectly at any tempo. Have #patience and you will be rewarded for your hard #practice.

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